To compete in life requires the same kind of preparation to compete in wrestling or any other sport. To be successful in either requires full preparation. You must prepare yourself in such a way so that you can do your best at all times.

To be successful in citizenship as in wrestling, it is necessary to train faithfully, which requires self-discipline and often makes it necessary to give up some pleasures that would be temporarily pleasant, but in the long run would defeat your effort. One of the most important parts of preparation is obtaining an education. Much of the success you can have later in life will be determined by how well you apply yourself during the early stages in your life.

In life, as on the mat, you should always strive for excellence and do the very best you can with what you have. At first, it may seem that you can accomplish very little – but everyone has talent, which can be developed through determination, dedication and with responsible guidance, which is always within reach of those who really want to try.

Head Coach- Matt Loeffel

Assistant Coach- Michael Underwood

* A special thank you to long time friend and former wrestler, Dominic Giannola, for donating his time and getting this website started!!